Sentence Examples with the word matched

The glow at the back of his gaze matched the feeling in her breast, and she touched her lips to his.

The sisters Quincy were anything but a matched pair.

His Scotch and Gallic strains of ancestry are evident; his countenance was decidedly Scotch; his nervous speech and bearing and vehement temperament rather French; in his mind, agility, clarity and penetration were matched with logical solidity.

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Poetry died first; the paucity of writings in verse is matched by their insignificance.

As quickly as the computer tossed a challenge before her, she countered and matched it.

Its gay plumage is matched by its sprightly nature; and together they make it one of the most favourite cage-birds among all classes.

She changed out of her familiar clothing into the dress that matched the black world around her.

Xander matched her passion.

The darkening sky matched the mood of Bird Song's guests and inhabitants as they woke to a busy Saturday morning, the main day of the ice festival.

For an extra few Euros, the hostel manager gave her a clean though worn sleeping bag that matched the clean but worn bunk beds in the women's section.