Sentence Examples with the word match

I will do all I can to arrange the match between them.

Fred O'Connor had a sharp mind and a sharp tongue to match it.

But the fertility of the soil, the warm and genial climate, the mingling of races and the absence of opposition, combined to render the Messenians no match for their hardy and warlike neighbours of Sparta.

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Among the former was the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, 2 and among the latter, Henry Percy, heir of the earl of Northumberland, a marriage with whom, however, was stopped by the king and another match provided for her in the ' See Anne Boleyn, by P. Friedman; The Early Life of Anne Boleyn, by J.

There are engineering shops producing railway stock and motors, jute spinning and weaving mills, and match and joinery works.

The fruitless intrigues carried on by Sophia Dorothea to bring about this match played a large part in Wilhelmina's early life.

As a rule, a match consists of 21 points, or 21 ends (or a few more, by agreement) .

The Mowbray match had already brought to the Howards the representation of an elder line of the Fitzalan earls, who sat in the seats of their ancestors, the Aubignys and Warennes, great earls near akin to their sovereigns.

Hockey claims many votaries, there usually being on New Year's day a match at shinty, or camanachd, between opposing teams of Highlanders resident in the city.

But once again, though far outnumbered, and unsupported by his own government, the Polish grand-hetman proved more than a match for Gustavus, who, on the 10th of September, broke up his camp and returned to Prussia; the whole autumn campaign had proved a failure and cost him 5000 men.