Sentence Examples with the word mat

A short, and this time a successful campaign followed, resulting, on the 31st of January 1900, in the death of Mat Saleh, and the destruction of his defences.

The bowler delivers his bowl with one foot on a mat or footer, made of india-rubber or cocoanut fibre, the size of which is also prescribed by rule as 24 by 16 in., though, with a view to protecting the green, Australasian clubs employ a much larger size, and require the bowler to keep both feet on the mat in the act of delivery.

Besides agriculture the only industry is basket and mat making - from palm leaves and fibre.

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Of France, together with other international mt mat complications, prevented the emperor from following affairs of up his victory over the Turks, or from reducing the GerWany.

The most noted and the most successful of the native leaders was a Bajau named Mat Saleh (Mahomet Saleh), who for many years defied the company, whose policy in his regard was marked by considerable weakness and vacillation.

Under yet other conditions the quiescent yeast-cells floating on the surface of the fermented liquor grow out into elongated sausage-shaped or cylindrical cells and branching cell-series, which mat together into mycelium-like veils.

Papuans have usually a great dislike to d 'a ' rain and carry a mat of pandanus leaves as a protection against it.

When the night arrived, to quote their own words--He laid us on the bed with himself and his wife, they at the one end and we at the other, it being only planks laid a foot from the ground and a thin mat upon them.

The Tambunan district, the last stronghold of Mat Saleh, is now thoroughly settled.

Later, during the period covering the fall of Assyria and the rise of the Neo-Babylonian empire, the term mat Kaldu was not only applied to all Babylonia, but also embraced the territory of certain foreign nations who were later included by Ezekiel (xxiii.