Sentence Examples with the word mastered

He soon commenced to read the Principia, and at sixteen he had mastered a great part of that work, besides some more modern works on analytical geometry and the differential calculus.

No man mastered more thoroughly the fundamental principles of government and the currents of feeling which influence the destiny of nations.

You've mastered battle planning.

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Within two years and a half he had mastered all the subjects prescribed for examination, and a great deal more, and, on going up for examination at Toulouse, he astounded his examiner by his knowledge of Lagrange.

The united Germany which he was prepared to champion was not the democratic state which the theorists of the Frankfort national parliament were evolving on paper with interminable debate, but the old Holy Roman Empire, the heritage of the house of Habsburg, of which he was prepared to constitute himself the guardian so long as its lawful possessors should not have mastered the forces of disorder by which they were held captive.

She was too young of an Oracle to have mastered her ability yet.

The student will find it to be a great advantage to read through Faraday's three volumes entitled Experimental Researches on Electricity, as soon as he has mastered some modern elementary book giving in compact form a general account of electrical phenomena.

Having mastered the knowledge to become a London black cab driver, Serek is now becoming knowledgeable about the overseas property market.

If he mastered the whole coast-line of the Levant, the enemy's fleet would find itself left in the air.

He has thoroughly mastered their principles, and is able to see when his masters are not true to themselves.