Sentence Examples with the word masse

In graphitizing en masse large lumps of anthracite are treated in the electric furnace.

The Ghibellines now triumphed completely, and in 1249 the Guelph leaders were driven into exile - the first of many instances in Florentine history of exile en masse of a defeated party.

They were arrested en masse on the night of the 26th of June; their goods were sequestrated, and they themselves deported to Havana, then to Cadiz, Genoa, and eventually Corsica.

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From them, the official guardians of Hungary's safety, he received no help, either during his governorship (1446-1453), or when, in 1454, on the eve of his departure for his last and most glorious campaign, the diet commanded a levee en masse of the whole population in his support.

Instead of drawing his corps together and retreating en masse up the Fleurus road, Zieten wisely withdrew on two roads, using those to Quatre Bras and Fleurus.

The Cap senate resigned en masse to escape impeachment, and an exclusively Hat ministry took its place.

Impatient at the slow progress made by the besieging force, he decreed a levee en masse in the department of Puy-de-Dome, collected an army of 60,000 men, and himself led them to Lyons.

In the time of Amos the slaves collected by Philistines and Tyr'ans were sold en masse to Edom, and presumably went to Egypt or Arabia,.

In this year military measures at last succeeded against the Hamawand tribe, which fled en masse to Persian territory.

At Tiberias a little squadron of the brethren of the two Orders went down before Saladin's cavalry in May; at Hattin the levy masse of the kingdom, some 20,000 strong, foolishly marching over a sandy plain under the heat of a July sun, was utterly defeated; and after a fortnight's siege Jerusalem capitulated (October 2nd, 1187).