Sentence Examples with the word masked

Platinum is employed in oxidizing processes, and in the fusion of substances with fluxes; also in observing the colouring effect of substances on the blowpipe flame (which effect is apt to be somewhat masked by charcoal).

Driesch, in which, however, the primitively uniserial arrangement becomes masked later by secondary torsions of the hydranths.

Bands of masked men rode about the country both in the Black Patch and in the Burley, burning tobacco houses of the independent planters, scraping their newly-planted tobacco patches, demanding that planters join their organization or leave the country, and whipping or shooting the recalcitrants.

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At higher pressures the effect of conduction was masked by convection currents.

With other electrolytes similar phenomena appear, though the primary chemical changes may be masked by secondary actions.

It is present in variable amounts in limestones of all kinds, although its white ness may there be masked by the presence of iron oxide and other coloured substances.

If he was the individual who died in 1703 at the Bastille, the obscurity which gathered round the nameless masked prisoner is almost incomprehensible, for there was no real secret about Mattioli's incarceration.

In the case of curare these are masked almost at once by paralysis of the terminations of the motor nerves.

Little is known of the personal part played by Philip in the events associated with his name, and later historians have been divided between the view which regards him as a handsome, lethargic nonentity and that which paints him as a master of statecraft who, under a veil of phlegmatic indifference and pious sentiment, masked an inflexible purpose, of which his ministers were but the spokesmen and executors.

The same year (1771) he crossed swords with Junius, and ended in disarming his masked antagonist.