Sentence Examples with the word mask

Hannah exclaimed, her face a mask of terror.

Katie maneuvered her sequined ball mask into place only to see her sister on the verge of disappearing in the masses of women in custom gowns and masks.

It provoked the distinction of what was true secundum fidem and what was true secundum rationem among even sincere champions of orthodoxy, and their opponents accepted with a smile so admirable a mask for that thinking for themselves to which the revival of hope of progress had spurred them.

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You could walk around without your mask and feed whenever you were hungry.

He had observed the great men of both parties in hours of careless relaxation, had seen the leaders of opposition without the mask of patriotism, and had heard the prime minister roar with laughter and tell stories not over-decent.

His mask of veneration slowly turned into a licentious grin.

The man pulled up his mask enough for Howie to see a mustache and glasses but little else.

The micro would allow her to map a route west, and she could put on his tactical clothing and mask and leave the tent.

Sasha she could see raping and bleeding her nightly to mask him from the Ancients.

The Centilogium theologicum has often been cited as an example of thoroughgoing scepticism under a mask of solemn irony.