Sentence Examples with the word masculine

On the whole, no doubt, it is the more masculine and practical side of this enthusiastic state of mind which Villehardouin shows.

But both writers are thoroughly national in sentiment, thoroughly masculine in tone.

She was far too masculine in mind and temperament, and her extravagant addiction to the outward trappings of femininity was probably due to the absence or atrophy of deeper feminine instincts.

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Clearness, cogency, masculine simplicity of diction, are conspicuous in the pamphlet, but true creative power told the Tale of a Tub.

This man's features were scarred and masculine with a crooked nose that had been broken more than once.

He was the first to impart to the Roman adaptations of Greek tragedy the masculine dignity, pathos and oratorical fervour which continued to animate them in the hands of Pacuvius and Accius, and, when set off by the acting of Aesopus, called forth vehement applause in the age of Cicero.

The heavy, masculine features that made him fierce had rendered his sisters too heavy of face to be pretty.

In this connexion, however, Fata may be singular, the masculine and feminine Fatus, Fata, being the usual forms in popular and ceremonial language.

The infinite is of special importance on account of its being preserved very fully in Coptic. It is generally of masculine form, but feminine in III.

It should not be denied that he did not always escape the pitfalls of such a method of treatment, the faces becoming sleek and prim, with a smirk of sexless religiosity which hardly eludes the artificial or even the hypocritical; on other minds, therefore, and these some of the most masculine and resolute, he produces little genuine impression.