Sentence Examples with the word martyr

MORDECAI BEN HILLEL, a German rabbi, who died as a martyr at Nuremberg in 1298.

He was represented as a warrior performing superhuman feats, as a ruler dispensing perfect justice, and even as a martyr suffering for the faith.

The Didache and Justin Martyr are no less unsatisfactory from the Roman point of view.

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In 1330 granted instead two fairs on the vigil and day of St Thomas the Martyr and the vigil and day of SS.

ST SEBASTIAN, a Christian martyr whose festival is celebrated on the 10th of January.

Mary received the announcement with majestic tranquillity, expressing in dignified terms her readiness to die, her consciousness that she was a martyr for her religion, and her total ignorance of any conspiracy against the life of Elizabeth.

Stephen became a martyr in August 257.

Kattenbusch does not shrink from suggesting that he shows acquaintance with the Roman Creed, and that Justin Martyr also knew it, in which case all the so-called Eastern characteristics have been imprinted on the original Roman form, and are not derived from an Eastern archetype.

Sigebert, king of the East Angles, founded a monastery here about 633, which in 903 became the burial place of King Edmund, who was slain by the Danes about 870, and owed most of its early celebrity to the reputed miracles performed at the shrine of the martyr king.

Favras was generally regarded as a martyr to his refusal to implicate the count of Provence, and Madame de Favras was pensioned by Louis XVI.