Sentence Examples with the word martin luther

In figures such as Martin Luther King, the world draws moral fortitude and an example of the effectiveness of non-violent struggle.

About the same time Martin Luther was in the full course of his protest against the papal supremacy and had already burnt the pope's bull at Worms. The two opponents were girding themselves for the struggle; and what the Church of Rome was losing by the defection of the Augustinian was being counterbalanced by the conversion of the founder of the Society of Jesus.

He then journeyed to Wittenberg, where he was advised by Martin Luther to cast aside the senseless rules of his order, to marry, and to convert Prussia into an hereditary duchy for himself.

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Nanak seems to have been produced by the same cyclic wave of reformation as fourteen years later gave Martin Luther to Europe.

Against the attendant abuses the Augustinian monk Martin Luther posted (31st October 1517) on the church door at Wittenberg his famous ninety-five theses, which were the signal for widespread revolt against the church.

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According to Brandes, quoting Martin Luther in the Lexicon Philologicum, the name is derived from Bram, Brim, i.e.

Among the Reformers were, of course, Martin Luther and most of his German collaborators; the Swiss Zwingli, Bullinger, Farel and Calvin; the English Latimer, John Bradford, John Jewel; the Scot John Knox.