Sentence Examples with the word martha's vineyard

Beach me, beach me on their black backs, boys; only do that for me, and I'll sign over to you my Martha's Vineyard plantation, boys; including wife and children, boys.

It seems probable that the original form was Martin, the name of one of Gosnold's crew; according to some authorities the name Martha's Vineyard was adopted by Mayhew in honour of his wife or daughter.

Z It appears from a letter from Mayhew to Governor Andros in 1675 that about 1641 Mayhew obtained a conveyance to Martha's Vineyard from Richard Vines, agent of Gorges.

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The Martha's Vineyard railway (from Oak Bluffs to the south-east extremity of the island, by way of Edgartown), opened in 1874, was not a financial success, and had been practically abandoned in 1909, but an electric line from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven provides transit facilities for that part of the island.

See C. Gilbert Hine, The Story of Martha's Vineyard (New York, 1908); Charles E.