Sentence Examples with the word martel

Each mayor, however, sought to supplant the others; the Pippins and Charles Martel succeeded, and their victory was at the same time the victory of Austrasia over Neustria and Burgundy.

In 1036 Geoffrey Martel had to liberate William the Fat, on payment of a heavy ransom, but the latter having died in 1038, and the second son of William the Great, Odo, duke of Gascony, having fallen in his turn at the siege of Mauze (loth of March 1039) Geoffrey made peace with his father in the autumn of 1039, and had his wife's two sons recognized as dukes.

In 718 they crossed the Pyrenees, and continued their invasions of Gaul till they met the solid power of the Austrasian Franks at Poitiers 732 (see CHARLES MARTEL and CALIPHATE, B.

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On the top of a hill are the ruins of a castle, which is said to have been built by Charles Martel for the Frankish king, Thierry IV., and is plainly the origin of the name of the town.

A final defeat was, however, inflicted upon them by Charles Martel in 734, which secured the supremacy of the Franks in the north, though it was not until the days of Charles the Great (785) that the subjection of the Frisians was completed.

Charles Martel governed from 714 to 741, and in 751 his son Pippin III.

It gave rise to the numerous precariae verbo regis, of the Church records, and to the condemnation of Charles Martel in the visions of the clergy to worse difficulties in the future life than he had overcome in this.

On the death of Geoffrey Martel (14th of November 1060) there was a dispute as to the succession.

Their institution dates from Charles Martel and Pippin the Short, who sent out officials to see their orders executed.

During the government of Charles Martel important changes appear to have been made in the internal administration.