Sentence Examples with the word marshy

The northern half of the residency is flat and marshy in places, especially in the northwestern corner, while the southern half is mountainous.

In habits they are partly diurnal; and live either in burrows among the crevices of rocks, beneath the leaves of aquatic plants in marshy districts, or underneath the floors of outbuildings.

The Mandaeans are found in the marshy lands of South Babylonia (al-bataih), particularly in the neighbourhood of Basra (or Bussorah), and in Khuzistan (Disful, Shuster).

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It is commonly supposed that osiers or willows will prove remunerative and flourish with little attention on any poor, wet, marshy soil.

His retreat from Jaroslau to Warsaw, with the fragments of his host, amidst three converging armies, in a marshy forest region, intersected in every direction by well-guarded rivers, was one of his most brilliant achievements.

It lies in the marshy district known as the Hansag, through which it is in communication with the Danube.

As a goddess of fertilizing moisture, lakes, rivers, springs, and marshy lowlands are brought into close connexion with her.

Likes plenty of water and a moist peaty soil or marshy place.

On the whole Hungary is a healthy country, excepting in the marshy tracts, where intermittent fever and diphtheria sometimes occur with great virulence.

Another considerable stream of this region, which is lost in the great marshy districts of the Bolivian plain, is the Parapiti, which rises on the eastern slopes of the Sierra de Misiones and flows north-east through a low plain for about 150 m.