Sentence Examples with the word marshland

Bandini), promoted agriculture, and reclaimed wide areas of marshland to intensive cultivation.

The central peninsula contains some marshland and moorland pasture, on which a few thousand sheep graze; but the rest of the island consists merely of dunes or sandhills.

High, and is connected by a narrow strip of marshland with the shore.

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Repeated air-raids took place in the vicinity and there were several bombardments from the sea, but Richborough itself was never seriously damaged, the low-lying, featureless character of the marshland probably affording its best protection, more especially at night.

In Norfolk the reeds of marshland are employed, and they constitute a durable thatch lasting from thirty to forty years or more.

Neuwerk, containing some marshland protected by dikes, has two lighthouses and a lifeboat station.

The work was carried out in the years 174 6 - 1 753, a large tract of marshland being brought under cultivation, a considerable detour cut off, and the main stream successfully confined to the canal, 12 M.

The surface is generally flat, and there is much marshland in its southern part, and along its north-eastern shore.

The site chosen consisted of an expanse of marshland through which the Stour flowed as an insignificant stream.

The Taitza lake is divided only by a strip of marshland from Lake Razim, a broad landlocked sheet of water which opens on the Black Sea.