Sentence Examples with the word marry

In 1602 the queen's suspicions were increased by the discovery of a plot to marry Arabella to Edward, eldest son of Lord Beauchamp, who as grandson of Edward Seymour, earl of Hertford, and of Lady Catherine Grey (younger sister of Lady Jane Grey), was heir to the throne after Elizabeth according to the will of Henry VIII.

Assisted by the influential freedman Pallas, she induced her uncle the emperor Claudius to marry her after the death of Messalina, and adopt the future Nero as heir to the throne in place of Britannicus.

When a divorce is granted, the defendant is not permitted to marry other than the plaintiff for three years, unless the plaintiff dies.

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He would carry her away and then sa pauvre mere would appear and he would marry her.

For questions like whom you should marry or how to achieve peace in the Middle East, there simply isn't enough observational data to which we can apply this methodology.

You'd do anything to keep me silent - even marry me.

The heretics were forbidden to give evidence in ecclesiastical courts, fathers were forbidden to allow a son or a daughter to marry a heretic, and to hold social intercourse with a heretic was an offence).

She told him a million times there was no way she was going to marry him then turn around and die.

You have to look like money to get money... unless you marry it.

Let the son marry the daughter, if both agree, and give them the treasure as a wedding portion.