Sentence Examples with the word marri

The mass of twisted flexures, the curved wrinkles that end the Suliman system, is occupied by true Baluchis, the Marri and Bugti sections of the great Rind confederation of tribes owning an Arabic origin.

The Marri and Bugti tribes, who occupy the most southern buttresses of the Suliman Mountains, are Rind Baluchis, almost certainly of Arab extraction.

The Suliman Mountains finally merge into the hills of Baluchistan, which are inhabited by the Marri and Bugti tribes.

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Tribal areas, in the possession of the Marri and Bugti tribes, cover 7129 sq.

A somewhat thick and viscid form of mineral oil is met with at Khattan in the Marri country; and petroleum of excellent quality has been found in the Sherani hills and probably occurs in other portions of the Suliman Range.

It would be difficult to match the stately dignity and imposing presence of a Baluch chief of the Marri or Bugti clans.