Sentence Examples with the word marred

Each party dubbed the other stercoranists (dung-feasters), and the controversy was often marred by indecencies.

Interested cliques could control the business of the town-meeting in ordinary times, and boisterousness marred its democractic excellence in exciting times.

No one shows truer courage, not marred by irreverence, in confronting the great problems of human destiny, or greater strength in triumphing over human weakness.

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Violent scars marred her torso and arms.

Here he resided three years, his happiness only marred by regret on account of his separation from his brother Daniel.

Dr Johnson's Life is marred by manifest prejudice.

Savage though he was, and hideously marred about the face--at least to my taste--his countenance yet had a something in it which was by no means disagreeable.

C. Buell (New York, 1904), marred by numerous errors, and the Life and Times of Andrew Jackson, by A.

The residency was evacuated on the night of the 22nd of November; but the success of the operations was marred by the death of Havelock.

Avery's History of Georgia from 185cr to 1881 (New York, 1881), which is marred by prejudice but contains material of value.