Sentence Examples with the word marquise

Two obscure agents of the committee of public safety were in search of a marquise who had flown, but an unknown stranger was found in the house and arrested on suspicion.

Marie's one attempt to interfere in politics, an effort to prevent the disgrace of the duke of Bourbon, was the beginning of her husband's alienation from her; and after the birth of her seventh child Louise, Marie was practically deserted by Louis, who openly avowed his liaison with Louise de Nesle, comtesse de Mailly, who was replaced in turn by her sisters Pauline marquise de Vintimille, and Marie Anne, duchess de Chateauroux, and these by Madame de Pompadour.

Nettement, Vie de Mme la Marquise de La Rochejacquelein (Paris, 1876).

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He has sketched Jacqueline Pascal (1844), Madame de Longueville (18J3), the marquise de Sable (1854), the duchesse de Chevreuse (1856), Madame de Hautefort (1856).

If the English visit may be regarded as having finished 1 Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du Chatelet (1706-1749), was the daughter of the baron de Breteuil, and married the marquis du Chatelet-Lomont in 1725.

He returned to France during the Consulate, and in 1801 married the marquise de Lescure, widow of his brother's friend, who was mortally wounded at Cholet.

Instead of remaining upon the defensive in this continental warmerely accessory as it washe made it his chief affair, and placed himself under the petticoat government of three women, Maria Theresa, Elizabeth of Russia and the marquise de Pompadour.

The memoirs of the marquise de La Rochejacqueleinareimportant for the war of La Vendee.

In Paris he frequented the salons of Madame de la Fayette and of the marquise de Lambert.

Des Diguieres, Lettres inedites de la reine Marie Leczinska et de la duchesse de Luynes au President Henault (1886); Marquise des Reaux, Le Roi Stanislas et Marie Leczinska (1895); P. de Raynal, Le Mariage d'un roi (Paris, 1887); H.