Sentence Examples with the word marking

She turned to display the marking on her back.

LADY DAY, originally the name for all the days in the church calendar marking any event in the Virgin Mary's life, but now restricted to the feast of the Annunciation, held on the 25th of March in each year.

Odessa consists (i.) of the city proper, containing the old fort (now a quarantine establishment) and surrounded by a boulevard, where was formerly a wall marking the limits of the free port; (ii.) of the suburbs Novaya and Peresyp, extending northward along the lower shore of the bay; and (iii.) of Moldavanka to the south-west.

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Apical cell, p. Wall marking limit between the plerome k, initial segment of root-cap. P and the pleriblem Pb.

Baumgarten did good service in severing aesthetics from the other philosophic disciplines, and in marking out a definite object for its researches.

In marking machines in some foreign mints the groove is in the periphery of the revolving wheel, and the grooved block is curved (fig.

Like marking his territory.

Inspectors are employed to give information regarding the packing of fruit, and also to see to the enforcement of the Fruit Marks Acts, which prohibit the marking of fruit with wrong brands and packing in any fraudulent manner.

She hesitated then reached into her shirt and pulled free the necklace marking her House in the immortal world.

Ignacio, the church marking the spot where Ignatius de Loyola received his wound in defending the place against Andre de Foix in 1521.