Sentence Examples with the word marketing

The GM said your team came up with the latest marketing campaign.

F.) Marketing And Supply In the days of slave-grown cotton, the American planters, being men of wealth farming on a large scale, consigned the bulk Moving of their produce as a rule direct to the ports.

It was with the recording of cover versions that Miller showed his greatest marketing acumen.

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Its most important industry is that of clearing away the heavy forests and marketing the timber.

Even allowing for marketing hyperbole, they must have known that it would give rise to some kind of difficulties.

Mr. Harding's interest in agricultural problems was keen; in his first message he asked special protection for agricultural interests, and in his second he declared that something more than protection must be given the farmers, advocating warmly the encouragement of cooperative marketing plans.

On methods of marketing to certain portions of the above must be added: Ellison's Cotton Trade of Great Britain; Chapman's Lancashire Cotton Industry (ch.

We also believe in not using marketing jargon or spiel.

Jeffrey Byrne was employed in a regional marketing position by The World Wide Insurance Company of Philadelphia.