Sentence Examples with the word mark off

If we mark off a segment AB along the line of action so as to represent the force completely, the A moment is represented as to magni FIG 15 tude by twice the area of the triangle OAB, and the usual convention as, .o sign is that the area is to be reckoned positive or negative iccording as the letters 0, A, B, occur in counter-clockwise or clockwise order.

Beyond this, he eloquently pleaded the cause of painting as a distinct art, which Lessing in his desire to mark off the formative arts from poetry and music had confounded with sculpture.

In this argument he emphasizes the vagueness of the boundaries which mark off organic species with a view to show that these do not correspond to absolutely fixed divisions in the objective world, that they are made by the mind, not by nature.

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Such a post set up by the priests is a god, is thrice anointed with ghee (or holy butter), and being set up beside the fire is invoked to let the offering go up to the gods .2 It is not always easy to mark off consecration from inspiration.

Sutures are stated to mark off some of these pieces, but in the proper sense of that term as applied to the skeletal structures of the Vertebrata, no sutures exist in the chitinous cuticle of Arthropods.

Singularly enough, the sexual system of Linnaeus (1735) served to mark off more distinctly the true grasses from these allies, since very nearly all of the former then known fell under his Triandria Digynia, whilst the latter found themselves under his other classes and orders.