Sentence Examples with the word marital

Giving him up without a fight wasn't something she intended to do, but fighting like this was marital suicide.

The domestic and social affections, the kindly care of the young and the old, some acknowledgment of marital and parental obligation, the duty of mutual defence in the tribe, the authority of the elders, and general respect to traditional custom as the regulator of life and duty, are more or less well marked in every savage tribe which is not disorganized and falling to pieces.

Being bossed around isn't my idea of marital bliss.

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Lynsey decided that marital bliss needn't mean weight gain.

Those who are curious to pry into the question of Carlyle's marital capacity, and the issues between Froude's assailants and his defenders, may consult New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle, with introduction by Sir James Crichton-Browne; My Relations with Carlyle, by J.

He excommunicated Casimir of Poland for marital infidelity and forced him to do penance.

Reference should also be made to separate works of the director of that institution, Dr Joseph de Korosy, known in England for his discovery of the law of marital fertility, published by the Royal Society, and by his labours in the development of comparative international statistics.

Your marital difficulties aren't our business but Bird Song is and we don't want any hint of trouble here.

He had been an affectionate husband and father, though his devotion to his wife had been consistent with occasional lapses from strict marital fidelity.