Sentence Examples with the word marines

All male citizens over twenty-one years of age and resident in the state for one year and in the county or election precinct for six months immediately preceding election (except paupers, idiots, lunatics, felons, United States soldiers, marines and seamen, and persons who have taken part, either as principal or second, in fighting a duel or in sending a challenge) have the right of suffrage.

The squadron was not very well manned, and Byng was in particular much aggrieved because his marines were landed to make room for the soldiers who were to reinforce the garrison, and he feared that if he met a French squadron after he had lost them he would be dangerously undermanned.

To this proposal Lord Wolseley demurred, but asked that ships of war should be sent to Suakin, and that marines in red coats should be frequently landed and exercised.

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There is also a battalion of marines employed about the ports and in the arsenals.

Troops, marines and militia were hurried to the scene, and the negroes were hunted down.

Entering the Royal Marines in 1854, he rose to be captain in 1867, retiring in 1869; and thenceforth he devoted himself to the study of naval and military problems, on which he had already published some excellent essays.

Inspections of the fleet and the dockyards were established, and the corps of Marines was created in 1755.

Bryan Adams ran out along them, followed closely by the Royal Marines led by Capt.

The peace cadres (including 2 battalions of marines and 4 battalions of mechanics) were supposed to comprise 12,500 men on peace-footing, to be increased on declaration of war to 37,000; but these cadres were mainly on paper.

The rebels were defeated in May in a desperate battle at Cartagena; and continuous fighting went on about Panama, where British marines had to be landed to protect foreign interests.