Sentence Examples with the word marian

The lieutenant's wife Marian answered the phone.

Army, and decided on sending him to Spain, where the Marian party, under Sertorius, was still formidable.

Anderson's wife Marian answered on the first ring.

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The St Thomas's sisterhood at Oxford commenced in 1847; and the present mother-superior of the Holy Trinity Convent at Oxford, Marian Hughes, dedicated herself before witnesses to such a life as early as 1841 (Liddon's Life of Dr Pusey, iii.).

Thus early in life he connected himself with the cause of the aristocracy, and a decisive victory which he won in 83 over the Marian armies gained for him from Sulla the title of Imperator.

English Protestants fled to Ireland to escape the Marian persecution; but had the reign continued a little longer, Dublin would probably have been no safe place of refuge.

One hundred fifty-six Maid Marian Lane was a neatly kept ranch to which a one-car garage had been added.

On Sulla's return from the East in 83, Sertorius went to Spain, where he represented the Marian or democratic party, but without receiving any definite commission or appointment.

He attributed his pleasant disposition to memories of the prior evening with Cynthia Byrne, the sweetheart of Maid Marian Lane.

Their several histories were fused by the Elizabethan dramatists, and associated with the Maid Marian of the morris dance, who up to that time had probably only a vague connexion with Robin Hood.