Sentence Examples with the word margin

This boulder clay covers almost all the low ground north of the Thames Basin, its southern margin fading away into washed sands and gravels.

Thelotrema, Urceolaria); (c) lecideine, or patelliform, which are typically orbicular, with only a proper margin (e.g.

This river system drains a large part of the northern mountainous region of the state, and has a considerable extension of navigable channels between the plateau margin and the lake.

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Which in structure resembles the vegetative stem in its primary condition, bears numerous verticils of bracts, those of each verticil being coherent in their lower part, so as to form a disc or cup, from the margin of which the free limbs of the bracts arise.

The diminution of the population by one-half led to a scarcity of labour and an increase of wages which deprived the landowner of his narrow margin of profit.

This includes the Aegean and the Black Sea, and its margin skirts the south coast of Asia Minor.

Sessile, with the margin undivided; with eight colletocystophores and eight adradial groups of capitate tentacles.

So suddenly seen in the blue plain of the sea, and relieved against the still bluer margin of the sky, the spray that he raised, for the moment, intolerably glittered and glared like a glacier; and stood there gradually fading and fading away from its first sparkling intensity, to the dim mistiness of an advancing shower in a vale.

For the protection of the impression, in the 12th and 13th centuries, when it was an ordinary custom to impress the seals on thick cakes of wax, the surrounding margin rising well above the field usually formed a suitable fender; at other times, as in the 14th and 15th centuries, a so-called wreath,1 or twisted shred of parchment, or plaited grass or reed, was imbedded in the wax round the impression.

The following table gives the approximate altitudes of the chief mountains and lakes of the continent: - The Hydrographic Systems. - From the outer margin of the African plateaus a large number of streams run to the sea with comparatively short courses, while the larger rivers flow for long 1 Estimated.