Sentence Examples with the word march out

Repeated attempts to capture the fort having failed, Menelek and Makonnen opened negotiations with Baratieri for its capitulation, and on the 21st of January the garrison, under Major Galliano, who had heroically defended the position, were permitted to march out with the honors of war.

In his fathers name he released Latimer and Lyons, dismissed the John of council of twelve, imprisoned Peter de la Mare, Gaunt resequestrated the temporalities of Bishop Wykeham, establishes and sent the earl of March out of the realm.

Every Cossack is bound to procure his own uniform, equipment and horse (if mounted) - the government supplying only the arms. Those on active service are divided into three equal parts according to age, and the first third only is in real service, while the two others stay at home, but are bound to march out as soon as an order is given.

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All this, and the almost mutinous discontent of his generals and his enemies of the court circle, shook his resolution of acting as anvil for the Russians, of whose delay also he was aware, and about the 8th of Octoberhedetermined to march out north-eastward across the French lines of communication and save his sovereign's army by taking refuge if necessary in Saxony.

In 1828 it was gallantly defended by Soliman Pasha, who, after holding out from the middle of May until the end of June, was allowed to march out with the honours of war.