Sentence Examples with the word march 17

Soult and Marmont having begun to move to relieve the garrison, the assault was delivered on the night of the 7th of April, and Siege of though the assailants failed at the breaches, the Badajoz, carnage at which was terrible, a very daring escalade March 17 to of one of the bastions and of the castle succeeded, Apr117, 1812.

From December 1796 to March 17 9 7 he represented that state in the Federal House of Representatives, where he distinguished himself as an irreconcilable opponent of President Washington, and was one of the twelve representatives who voted against the address to him by the House.

ANGEL DE SAAVEDRA, DUKE OF RIVAS (1791-1865), Spanish poet and politician, was born at Cordova on the 19th of March 17 9 1.

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MARTIN VAN MARUM (1750-1837), Dutch man of science, was born on the 10th of March 17 50 at Groningen, where he graduated in medicine and philosophy.