Sentence Examples with the word marc

MURETUS, the Latinized name of Marc Antoine Muret (1526-1585), French humanist, who was born at Muret near Limoges on the 12th of April 1526.

Linseed cake, the marc left after the expression of the oil, is a most valuable feeding substance for cattle.

In principle it had been invented by Sir Marc I.

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Some of the old palaces are, nevertheless, of considerable interest; one especially as the birthplace of the celebrated philosopher, Marc Antonio de Dominis.

The poet Marc Antonia Flaminio, for instance, congratulates himself in pretty Latin verses on her singing his poems.

At Poitiers he came in contact with the humanist Marc Antoine Muret, and with Jean Salmon Macrin (1490-1557), a Latin poet famous in his day.

His son, Marc Antoine, a young man of promise, fell in a duel in 1626.

Normal propyl alcohol is contained in the fusel oil of the marc brandy of the south of France, and isoprimary butyl alcohol in that of beet-root molasses.

The great majority of the two hundred galleys and eight galeasses, of which the fleet was composed, came from Venice, under the command of the proveditore Barbarigo; from Genoa, which was in close alliance with Spain, under Gianandrea Doria; and from the Pope whose squadron was commanded by Marc Antonio Colonna.

Here they found Marc Antoine Muretus, who, when at Bordeaux and Toulouse, had been a great favourite and occasional visitor of Julius Caesar at Agen.