Sentence Examples with the word marabout

The town, founded by the French, derives its name from the kubba (tomb) of a marabout named Sidi-bel-Abbes, near which a redoubt was constructed by General Bedeau in 1843.

In the Sud Oranais an insurrection, fomented by a marabout named Bu-Amama, broke out in 1881, and the insurgents massacred the European labourers engaged in the collection of alfa (or esparto) grass.

In the vicinity are the villages of Joinville and Montpensier, which owe their origin to military camps established by Marshal Valee in 1838; and on the road to Medea are the tombs of the marabout Mahommed-el-Kebir, who died in 1580, and his two sons.

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The Condor, followed by the Beacon, Bittern and Decoy, engaged Fort Marabout soon after 8 A.M.