Sentence Examples with the word mara

In 1367 he gathered a great army, entered Castile, defeated the usurper Henry of Trasta mara at the battle of Najera, and restored his ally.

The next seven days were spent alone in a grove of mango trees 2 The various legends of Mara are the subject of an exhaustive critical analysis in Windisch's Mara and Buddha (Leipzig, 1895).

Windisch, Mara and Buddha.

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The sheaths (Chamaerops), showing the veins ending in a process 1, called running from the base to the mara ligule; the blade of the gin, and not forming an angular leaf, f.

A very different animal is the Patagonian cavy, or mara (Dolichotis patachonica), the typical representative of a genus characterized by long limbs, comparatively large ears, and a short tail.

And Professor Windisch has discussed the legends of the temptation in his Mara and Buddha, and those relating to the Buddha's birth in his Buddha's Geburt.

Although occasionally seen in large flocks, the mara is more commonly found in small parties or in pairs, the parties commonly moving in single file.

An early Syriac document, probably of the 2nd or 3rd century, is the Letter of Mara son of Serapion, which was edited by Cureton in his Spicilegium Syriacum.