Sentence Examples with the word mapping

Great progress has been made in the scientific mapping of the islands.

The mapping of Tanganyika, which long rested on the surveys of Mr E.

Far agree that, for all practical purposes of future Asiatic cartography, no difficulty in adjustment between Indian and Russian mapping need be apprehended.

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Reference population pigs are particularly amenable for mapping purposes.

Imagine they also included their genetic mapping as well as every single thing they did in their daily lives.

Pike, mapping the Arkansas and Red rivers of the Louisiana Territory for the government of the United States, followed the Arkansas into Colorado, incidentally discovering the famous peak that bears his name.

For the mapping of the whole vast interior, except in rare cases, no data exist beyond the itineraries of explorers, travelling as a rule under conditions which precluded the use of even the simplest surveying instruments.

The discovery and mapping of America are illustrated by F.

In the later mapping out of the empire into purely military divisions, the theme (O a) of Sicily took in both the island and the nearest peninsula of the mainland, the oldest Italy.

By a skilful division of labour, and by the erection of numerous observing stations, the mapping out of the whole coast proceeded simultaneously under the eye of the general director, and in addition a vast mass of magnetic and meteorological observations was collected.