Sentence Examples with the word maple

He was bewildered when a well-loved member of the community is found dead in the maple woods.

The most valuable trees for lumber are spruce, white pine, hemlock, cedar, white birch, ash, maple and basswood; all excepting pine and hemlock and poplar in addition are ground into wood pulp for the manufacture of paper.

There are poplar and cedar and pine and oak and ash and hickory and maple trees.

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Mongolica), maple (Acerginala, Max.), ash (Fraxinus manchurica), elm (Ulmus montana), hazel (Corylus heterophylla) and several other European acquaintances.

Massive maple trees shaded back and front.

There are several varieties of maple growing in Canada and the United States, but the one in most common use is the sugar maple, also called rock maple, which grows freely in the districts around the Great Lakes.

Great numbers of grasses and flowering plants which once beautified the prairie landscape are still found on uncultivated lands, and there are about 80 species of trees, of which the oak, hickory, maple and ash are the most common.

The processes of manufacture have been improved by the introduction of specially constructed evaporators, and quantities of maple sugar and syrup are annually exported.

Half of the state contained pine, but here such hardwood trees as oak, chestnut, hickory, maple and beech were more common.

Sabina), maple (Acer insigne, Boiss., A.