Sentence Examples with the word maori

In the Maori wars they showed much strategic skill, and their knowledge of fortification was very remarkable.

The museum contains a beautiful Maori house of carved woodwork, and biological collections.

The museum contains one of the best existing collections of Maori art.

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Here the wheel is added to the Maori conception of the making of man.

But the fibre produced by these rapid and economical means was very inferior in quality to the product of Maori handiwork, mainly because weak and undeveloped strands are, by machine preparation, unavoidably intermixed with the perfect fibres, which alone the Maoris select, and so the uniform quality and strength of the material are destroyed.

An apparent increase of 7000 in the Maori and half-castes between 1891 and 1906 is, perhaps, partly due to more accurate computation.

Punjab, Kashmir and Ladak; Telugu missions of Madras; Maori missions of N.

C. Dumont d'Urville had seen its skin, which the naturalists of his expedition procured, worn as a tippet by a Maori chief at Tolaga Bay (Houa-houa), 2 and in 1830 gave what proves to be on the whole very accurate information concerning it (Voy.

Every Maori was a soldier, and war was the chief business and joy of his life.

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