Sentence Examples with the word manuscript

There are others in manuscript at the P.R.O.

He lectured with applause at Vienna from 1450; was joined there in 1452 by Regiomontanus; and was on the point of starting for Rome to inspect a manuscript of the Almagest when he died suddenly at the age of thirty-eight.

He laboured assiduously to obtain observations as to the winds and currents by distributing to captains of vessels specially prepared log-books; and in the course of nine years he had collected a sufficient number of logs to make two hundred manuscript volumes, each with about two thousand five hundred days' observations.

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Harden, New View of the Atomic Theory (1896), have shown, from a study of Dalton's manuscript notes, that we do not owe his atomic theory to such experiments.

This achievement was anticipated or outdone by an unknown calculator, whose manuscript was seen in the Radcliffe library, Oxford, by Baron von Zach towards the end of the century, and contained the ratio correct to 152 places.

A notebook lay on the table next to a few scrolls, an ancient manuscript and another block of stone with carvings too faint for Gabe to read.

One of the references to Map's works in the Merlin manuscript above referred to (B.N.

It is a curious fact that the printed editions always give it in conjunction with this latter and that the two have also been preserved together in a Welsh manuscript translation.

Then she read from her braille copy the entire story, making corrections as she read, which were taken down on the manuscript that went to the printer.

The Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry and David Thompson, 1799-1814, edited by Elliot Coues (3 vols., New York, 1897).