Sentence Examples with the word manufacture

The manufacture of woollen hats, established in the middle of the 18th century, is one of the prominent industries.

In large works the sulphuric acid is usually manufactured on the spot from the spent oxide, so that the sulphuretted hydrogen, which in the gas is considered an undesirable impurity, plays a valuable part in the manufacture of an important by-product.

The dress of the Berbers was formerly made of home-woven cloth, and the manufacture of woollen stuffs has always been.

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They are soluble in water, their solutions having an acid reaction and an astringent taste; the solutions are coloured dark blue or green by ferrous salts, a property utilized in the manufacture of ink.

There is a bronze statue to John Fielden (1784-1849), to whose energy in developing the cotton manufacture the town owes much of its prosperity.

A considerable part of the sugarcane produced is likewise devoted to the manufacture of chicha (rum), the consumption of which is common among the Indians and half-breeds of the Andean regions.

During President Cleveland's first administration (1885-1889), Whitney was secretary of the navy department and did much to develop the navy, especially by encouraging the domestic manufacture of armour plate.

Its industries include wool-weaving and spinning, dyeing, iron-founding, the manufacture of cotton and silk goods, machinery, sewing machines and machine oil, leather and tobacco, and printing (books and maps) and flower gardening.

Petri) is charged with the upkeep, repairs and temporal administration of the great basilica; in this capacity it controls the famous manufacture of the Vatican mosaics.

The mechanism of alcoholic fermentation is discussed in the article Fermentation, and the manufacture of alcohol from fermented liquors in.