Sentence Examples with the word manson

Radcliffe's Report for 1879-1880, p. 45; Manson in Reports of Imperial Chinese Customs, special series No.

Sir Patrick Manson has suggested that the problem of stamping out malaria may be assisted by the discovery of some at present unknown factors.

These and other experiments, described by Dr Manson in the Practitioner for March 1900, confirming the laboratory evidence as they do, leave no doubt whatever of the correctness of the mosquito-parasitic theory of malaria.

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The discovery of the parasite of malaria by Laveran, and of the method by which it gains entrance to the human body, through the bite of a particular variety of mosquito, by Manson and Ross, promises much in the way of eradication of the disease in the future.

Ten years later Manson discovered a second species, Filaria perstans, whose larvae live in the blood.