Sentence Examples with the word mannheim

The name of Mannheim was connected with its present site in the 8th century, when a small village belonging to the abbey of Lorsch lay in the marshy district between the Neckar and the Rhine.

Behind the Friedrichsbau is the Altan (161 o), or castle balcony, from which is obtained a view of great beauty, extending from the town beneath to the heights across the Neckar and over the broad luxuriant plain of the Rhine to Mannheim and the dim contours of the Hardt Mountains behind.

The history of modern Mannheim begins, however, with the opening of the 17th century, when the elector palatine Frederick IV.

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See Feder, Geschichte der Stadt Mannheim (1875-1877, 2 vols., new ed.

It was at Mannheim that Kotzebue was assassinated in 1819.

They intersect regularly at right angles, dividing the town into square blocks, like modern Mannheim or Turin, according to a Roman system usual in both Italy and the provinces: plainly they were laid out all at once, possibly by Agricola (Tac. Agr.

For a short time he was a Privatdozent at Bonn, but in 1859 he was appointed director of the Mannheim Observatory.

Towards the end of the r8th century Mannheim attained great celebrity in the literary world as the place where Schiller's early plays were performed for the first time.

In 1794 Mannheim fell into the hands of the French, and in the following year it was retaken by the Austrians after a severe bombardment, which left scarcely a single building uninjured.

Mayence) a city, episcopal see and fortress of Germany, situated on the left bank of the Rhine, almost opposite the influx of the Main, at the junction of the important main lines of railway from Cologne to Mannheim and Frankfort-onMain, 25 m.