Sentence Examples with the word manipulate

I can manipulate minds.

It was good being able to manipulate the minds of everyone around him.

But of late years an increasing desire has been manifested, especially in Germany and America, to manipulate the fourth Gospel on grounds of internal evidence, at first only in the way of particular transpositions of more or less attractiveness, but latterly also by schemes of thorough-going rearrangement.

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Able to manipulate minds, Andre was also the much-needed calming force on Rhyn and the other high-spirited members of the Council.

I read, control, manipulate and anything else I need to do to the mind, I can, Andre started.

Moreover, it is a human weakness to manipulate one's ancestry, and the common claim to be descended from the local godling is not to be confused with the Arunta type of reincarnation.4 Again, in the part taken by women in serpent-lore other problems of primitive society and religion intermingle.

She'd long since learned how to manipulate alpha males, and it wasn't by going head-to-head with them.

The fangs, the eyes, the ability to manipulate the minds of others.

For all her ability to manipulate the minds of others, she couldn't push the memory of her family from her own thoughts.

Robots can manipulate matter smaller than we can even see, and robots can effortlessly manipulate objects that weigh many tons.