Sentence Examples with the word mangled

The dirty bags and sheaths are then washed, mangled and dried, and made ready for use again.

Sheridan brought out the complete Journal in 1784 in a mangled form, but the text has as far as possible been restored by modern editors such as Forster, Rylands and Aitken.

Deane was slain by a cannon-shot by the side of his colleague Monk, who threw his cloak over the mangled body.

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What looked like a leg lay in her path, and a pool of blood and more mangled flesh nearby indicated where the Black God had gotten the blood covering him.

Simon Magus had given out that he was going to be translated to heaven, and was actually careering through the air in a chariot drawn by demons when Peter and Paul knelt down and prayed, and their prayers brought him to earth a mangled corpse.

Their mangled remains were hung up by the feet to a lamp-post.

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As he turned, the lights of a silent ambulance bounced across the long stretch of pasture between the highway and the mangled car.

There was nothing left of her forearm but a mangled mess.

Dusty asked, eyes going from his dinner to the mangled creature on the table in front of them.