Sentence Examples with the word mandioca

In the agricultural regions sugar, cotton, tobacco, cacao, coffee, mandioca and tropical fruits are produced.

These districts are pastoral, and the lower fertile lands are cultivated for sugar, cotton, maize, tobacco, rice, beans, and mandioca - sugar being the principal product.

One of the most common and important productions of Brazil is mandioca (Manihot), of which there are two well-known species, M.

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The principal agricultural products are cotton, coffee, sugar, mandioca and tropical fruits.

Cotton, tobacco, Indian corn, rice, mandioca and fruits.

Indian corn, beans, onions, fruit and mandioca are the principal products.

The principal industries of Maranhao are agricultural, the river valleys and coastal zone being highly fertile and being devoted to the cultivation of sugar-cane, cotton, rice, coffee, tobacco, mandioca and a great variety of fruits.

It produces Indian corn and other cereals and potatoes in the colder regions, and tropical fruits, sweet potatoes and mandioca (Jatropha manihot, L.) in the low tropical valleys.

Yuca (Manihot utilissima), known as cassava in the West Indies and mandioca in Brazil, is also widely cultivated for food and for the manufacture of starch.

Other economic plants and fruits having a wide distribution are tobacco, maize, rice, beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, cacao (Theobroma cacao), mandioca or cassava (Manihot utilitissima), aipim or sweet mandioca (M.