Sentence Examples with the word mandibular

The piercing portions of the latter - representing their inner lobes or laciniaelie median to the mandibular piercers in the natural position of the organs.

Probably it is fused with the D, Deuterocerebrum, consist protocerebrum, and may also be ing of ganglion cells be concerned in the history of the very longing to the second or peculiar paired eyes of Peripatus, mandibular somite.

The mandibular symphysis does not reach beyond the eighth tooth.

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Only one somite following the first post-oral or mandibular segment has its appendages modified as jaws.

C. cataphractus is the common crocodile of West Africa, easily recognised by the slender snout which resembles that of the gavial, but the mandibular symphysis does not reach beyond the eighth tooth.

The head shows two jaw-bearing somites besides the mandibular somite (V, VI, in fig.

The poison-bag lies on the side of the head between the eye and the mandibular joint and is held in position by strong ligaments which are attached to this joint and to the maxilla so that the act of opening the jaws and concomitant erection of the fangs automatically squeezes the poison out of the glands.

The five pairs of appendages of the post-oral somites of the head or prosoma thus constituted all primitively carry gnathobasic projections on their coxal joints, which act as hemignaths: in the more specialized forms the mandibular gnathobases cease to develop.

The two somites following the mandibular or first post-oral or buccal somite carry appendages modified as maxillae.

The os articulare bears on its inner side the inner mandibular process which serves for the insertion of part of the digastric muscle or opener of the mouth; another portion of this muscle is attached to the os angulare, which frequently forms a FIG.