Sentence Examples with the word manageable

Substantially, they remained till the end of the empire, though Tarraconensis was broken up at different dates into smaller and more manageable areas.

The peritoneum is no longer regarded with awe as inviolable; by modern methods, if not as manageable as other lymphatic sacs, it is at any rate accessible enough without considerable risk to life.

Now the Zimbabwean dollar has undergone four re-denominations (the process of shaving zeros off the currency to make a more manageable new currency.

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In practical dialectic the unlimited possibility was reduced to manageable proportions in virtue of the groundwork of received opinion upon which the operation proceeded.

Since then, however, the problem has passed into a more manageable state.

A wise economy also contributed to reduce the national debt within manageable limits, and in the welfare of the peasantry Frederick IV.

The ancient practice of transfusion has been placed on a more intelligible footing, and by the method of saline injections made more manageable as a means of relief or even of cure.