Sentence Examples with the word manage

The regimental officers had all acquired their rank before the enemy and knew how to manage their men, and of the men themselves nearly two-thirds had seen active service.

It's hard, Count, hard to manage daughters in their mother's absence....

Only when he had understood the peasants' tastes and aspirations, had learned to talk their language, to grasp the hidden meaning of their words, and felt akin to them did he begin boldly to manage his serfs, that is, to perform toward them the duties demanded of him.

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He is equally circumspect on the issue of whether outside promoters will manage these tours.

The well-read and intelligent bee-keeper, content to work on orthodox lines, will be able to manage an apiary - large or small - by guiding and controlling the countless army he commands in a way that will yield him both pleasure and profit.

Of course the little ones cannot spell on their fingers; but I manage to read their lips.

In each there was a governor, with minor executive officers, a legislature, and a judiciary; and although the Crown retained the power of altering the charter, and the British parliament could (in strict legal view) legislate over the head of the colonial legislature so as to abrogate statutes passed by the latter, still in practice each colony was allowed to manage its own affairs and to enact the laws it desired.

Brady opened his mouth to address her before remembering the best he could manage was a croak.

The grey eyes were beseeching, but Katie couldn't manage anything verbal let alone a lie to placate the driver.

Rostov remembered Sventsyani, because on the first day of their arrival at that small town he changed his sergeant major and was unable to manage all the drunken men of his squadron who, unknown to him, had appropriated five barrels of old beer.