Sentence Examples with the word man made

The fact was that between the kings inability to defend the kingdom, and the powerlessness of nobles and peasants to protect themselves from pillage, every man made it his business to seek new protectors, and the country, in spite of Charles the Balds efforts, began to be covered with strongholds, the peasant learning to live beneath the shelter of the donjon keeps.

Something about the man made her feel safe, and the warm electricity in her body made her sleepy.

Grabbing his wobbly, stumbling partner, the man made a dash for the curb, nearly knocking down Fred O'Connor, who was only steps from the bar.

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In a word, it was Queequeg's conceit, that if a man made up his mind to live, mere sickness could not kill him: nothing but a whale, or a gale, or some violent, ungovernable, unintelligent destroyer of that sort.

The old man made a departure from his usual routine in honor of his son's arrival: he gave orders to admit him to his apartments while he dressed for dinner.

The silver-haired man made no move at all.