Sentence Examples with the word mammoth

It is conjectured, not without some reason, that there is a connexion, as yet undiscovered, between the Colossal and the Mammoth caves.

This mammoth press measures 54 ft.

In the limestone region of the south there are numerous caves, the most notable being Wyandotte Cave in Crawford county, next to Mammoth Cave the largest in the United States.

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Similar remains have been met with in the caves of Wales, and in England as far north as Derbyshire (Cresswell), proving that over the whole of southern and middle England men, in precisely the same stage of rude civilization, hunted the rhinoceros, the mammoth and other extinct animals.

There is some trade in furs, mammoth bones, dried and salted fish.

It is policed, however, by troops of United States cavalry with headquarters at Fort Yellowstone, near the Mammoth Hot Springs, and the building of roads and other improvements is under the direction of the Secretary of War.

There are hotels at the Mammoth Hot Springs, at the principal geyser basins and at Yellowstone Lake.

No instrumental survey of the Mammoth Cave has ever been allowed by the management.

It is also found associated with limestone, as in the Mammoth Caves, Kentucky, and with gypsum, as atMontmartre.

Thick, evidently relics from the Ice Age, covered by an upper layer of Post-Tertiary deposits containing numbers of perfectly wellpreserved mammoth remains, rhinoceros, Ovibos, and bones of the horse, reindeer, American stag, antelope, saiga and even the tiger.