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In 1832 Doubleday published an Essay on Mundane Moral Government, and in 1842 he attacked some of the principles of Malthus in his True Law of Population.

Among them are, in addition to those already mentioned, Catechisme d'economie politique (1815); Petit Volume contenant quelques aperqus des hommes et de la societe, lettres a Malthus sur differens sujets d'economie politique (1820); Epitome des principes de l'economie politique (1831).

In 1805 Malthus married happily, and not long after was appointed professor of modern history and political economy in the East India Company's College at Haileybury.

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For his life see Memoir by his friend Dr Otter, bishop of Chichester (prefixed to 2nd ed., 1836, of the Principles of Political Economy), and Malthus and his Work, by J.

As Britain was then at war with France, only the northern countries of Europe were quite open to his research at that time; but during the brief Peace of Amiens Malthus continued his investigations in France and Switzerland.

It can scarcely be doubted that the favour which was at once accorded to the views of Malthus in certain circles was due in part to an impression, very welcome to the higher ranks of society, that they tended to relieve the rich and powerful of responsibility for the condition of the working classes, by showing that the latter had chiefly themselves to blame, and not either the negligence of their superiors or the institutions of the country.

He considered that a struggle for existence was the inevitable result of the operation of the principle of Malthus in the animal and vegetable worlds.

Young Malthus was never sent to a public school, but received his education from private tutors.

Besides his great work, Malthus wrote Observations on the Effect of the Corn Laws; An Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent; Principles of Political Economy; and Definitions in Political Economy.

His Cours d'economie politique (1838-54) gave in classic form an exposition of the doctrines of Say, Malthus and Ricardo.