Sentence Examples with the word malleable

Either by the Phoenicians or by the Greeks metallurgy was taught to men who no sooner recognized the nature and malleable properties of copper than they learnt that by application of heat a substance could be manufactured with tin far better suited to their purposes.

Many metallurgists were sceptical on theoretical grounds about his results, and only became convinced when they saw that his process was really able to convert melted cast iron into malleable iron in a perfectly fluid state.

It is the third most malleable and sixth most ductile metal, yielding sheets 0.000025 in.

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There are, however, differences of treatment in detail, because copper is more malleable and softer than tin plate.

Ethnol., 1906, and Handbook.) Metals were treated as malleable stones by the American aborigines.

Uranium is a white malleable metal, which is pretty hard, though softer than steel.

Beaver Dam is situated in the midst of a fine farming country; it has a good water-power derived from Beaver Lake, and among its manufactures are woollen and cotton goods, malleable iron, foundry products, gasolene engines, agricultural implements, stoves and beer.

It is the most malleable and ductile of all metals with the exception of gold: one gramme can be drawn out into a wire 180 metres long, and the leaf can be beaten out to a thickness of 0.0002 5 mm.; traces of arsenic, antimony, bismuth and lead, however, make it brittle.

It is malleable and can be rolled out into sheets.

It is a malleable metal, of specific gravity 1.64 (Nilson and Pettersson) and a specific heat of 0.4079.