Sentence Examples with the word mallard

She wrenched open the medicine cabinet for the most powerful of the drugs Dr. Mallard prescribed for her and slammed the cabinet shut.

I thought Dr. Mallard was the only doctor you hadn't fired yet.

The Texas game birds consist chiefly of plover, snipe, teal, mallard and wild geese.

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Many ducks breed here, and many others pass through in migration :: of the former, the most numerous are mallard and teal; of the latter, pintail, shoveler, scaup, ring-neck ducks, and mergansers.

Dr. Mallard wanted me to give you a call and schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning, first thing.

The game birds include quail (Bob White), ruffed grouse and a few pinnated grouse (once very plentiful, then nearly exterminated, but now apparently reappearing under strict protection), and such water birds as the mallard duck, wood duck, blueand green-winged teals, Wilson's snipe, and greater and lesser yellow legs (snipe).