Sentence Examples with the word mall

The Pall Mall Magazine followed in 1893.

Corcoran in 1872, organized as the Columbian University in 1873, organized under its present name 4 in 1904), and comprises Columbian College of Arts 3 A Lincoln memorial is to be erected on the Mall W.

If I could, the scene at the mall today wouldn't have happened.

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St James's Park is continued between the Mall and Piccadilly by the Green Park.

I unwearyingly followed the three to that horrid mall and waited for my chance.

Jessi stopped to grab Xander's coffee then walked with Ashley out of the mall an hour after they arrived.

The cinema out in the shopping mall has a 9:40 show.

The Royal College of Physicians is in Pall Mall East, and the Royal College of Surgeons is in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Olmsted, Jr.) was appointed by authority of the United States Senate to prepare plans for the beautification of the city and this body, seeking in the main to return to L'Enfant's plan, has submitted a design for a park-like treatment of the entire district between Pennsylvania and Maryland avenues from the Capitol to the White House and between lower New York Avenue and the Potomac, with an elm-shaded mall 300 ft.

Mouths, such as the Ghizri creek, Khudi creek, Pitiani creek, Sisa creek, Hajamro creek, Vatho creek, Mall creek, Wari creek, Bhitiara creek, Sir creek and Khori creek.