Sentence Examples with the word malaya

Lord Leighton pronounced the silver ware from Malaya to be the most artistic of any exhibited at the Colonial Exhibition held in London in 1886.

In Malaya and eastward the forests are rich in arborescent figs, laurels, myrtles, nutmegs, oaks and bamboos.

Its vegetation is in point of fact of a composite character, and is constituted by the meeting and more or less blending of adjoining floras, - those of Persia and the south-eastern Mediterranean area to the north-west, of Siberia to the north, of China to the east, and of Malaya to the south-east.

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It is called pachedi, potra or malaya by Meman, Bora and Khoja women.

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The tree has been recently planted with great success especially in Ceylon and Malaya (Plate I.

The need for scrupulous cleanliness in the preparation of rubber is now recognized, and the arrangements of a rubber factory in Ceylon or Malaya are comparable with those of the modern dairy.

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A large number of plantations in British Malaya and Ceylon are now actively exporting increasing quantities of rubber.

The oldest of the plantation trees of Ceylon and Malaya are not much more than twelve years old, whilst it is to.